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Case Study: GMAP Scrubber

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Survtech was hired to scan a GMAP Scrubber system located at a large phosphate facility. The objective

was to scan a large overhead piping duct which led into the main facility.

The scans were performed from an upper platform with only ladder access. Survtech utilized the FARO Focus 3D and its compact nature to acquire the scan information. The upper scans were registered with the lower portion by way of cloud to cloud registration.

The location of additional project items were required as well; such as steel beams, pump and valve locations, and the radius of the main scrubber tank were all acquired. As complex as the requirements were; Survtech was able to acquire all needed information in a days work.


Case Study Details

Project Name: GMAP Scrubber System

Project Goal: Scan a large overhead piping duct which led into the main facility

Tasks Performed:


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