Subsurface Utility Mapping

Subsurface Utility Mapping

(Designation & Verification) & Pipe Thickness Testing

SurvTech performs subsurface utility surveys throughout the southeastern United States.  Our field personnel are equipped with a multitude of tools, including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electromagnetic Conduction (EM), and Vacuum Excavation trucks and trailers. Our SUE professionals are also equipped with survey-grade GPS and total stations for self performing the mapping to meet ASCE Level "A" and "B" standards. By cross training our staff to perform SUE and survey services, we increase efficiency, by reducing communication issues, and multiple site visits. We also operate vacuum trucks and vacuum trailers, because on some jobs you need the big 4x4 250-gallon wet/dry vacuum truck, but on other jobs at tight intersections, with limited shoulder and right-of-way, a small vacuum trailer is the only option.  With SurvTech also being a geophysical mapping firm, we have the advantage of having other technology available for utility location in unique situations. A couple of those technologies are lower frequency GPR (100 MHz), Electrical Resistivity (ERI), Electromagnetic Conductivity (EM), and Seismic Technology.  We also offer pipe thickness testing, which allows for municipalities to track the remaining life span and chance of failure on their force main infrastructure. Not only can we locate utilities on land, one of our specialties is locating subsurface utilities under water bodies, such as rivers, berths, lakes and oceans. We have the people and the technology to locate and map any subsurface technology on your project! 

SUE Equipment

SUE Equipment

Our subsurface utility locating personnel are equipped with the following equipment:

  • GSSI Utility Scan DF (Dual Frequency – 300 & 800 MHz)

  • GSSI SIR 4000 GPR Cart (300 & 400 MHz)

  • GSSI SIR 3000 GPR Cart (100 MHz)

  • Radio Detection (RD) 4000 & 8000 Locators

  • Metrotech Vivax LocPro2 and LocPro3 Locators

  • Olympus 38DL Plus Pipe Thickness Gauge

  • AGI Supersting ERI

Pipe Thickness Testing

SurvTech has performed pipe thickness testing for municipalities around the southeast using Olympus 38DL Plus pipe thickness gauges.

SUE Crew

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