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Facilities Management

3D Laser Scanning for Facilities Management

The key to managing a facility is knowing, what you have and where you have it. Laser scanning takes existing conditions and moves them past two dimensional (2D) plans and into the 3D virtual reality realm. For any site scanned a facility manager has the ability to look at a 3D model of his facility and view the location of critical components. Additionally, with “Webshare” a facilities manager can view high definition images of his facility, add notes on the imagery and even pull distances on the imagery. A consultant half way around the world could pull up “Webshare” on the internet and view a facility’s components. The first step to fixing any problem is to see existing conditions and laser scanning, modeling and Webshare allows the facilities manager to have all that information at his fingertips.

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Facilities Management Laser Scan Sample

Facilities Management Laser Scan Sample

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