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ALTA NSPS Land Title Survey by SurvTech Solutions in Tampa Florida

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

ALTA/NSPS Land Title survey is a boundary survey based on national surveying standards jointly established by the American Land Title Association and the National Society for Professional Surveyors. This was a standard formerly set by the American Congress on Surveying & Mapping (ACSM). It is a Boundary Survey based on a commitment to insure title. All instruments (easements and encumbrances) of record are plotted on the survey, allowing an attorney or purchaser to see any potential problems or encumbrances on the property.

This type of service is often required for real estate transactions with extensive or high monetary value, usually within the realm of commercial real estate parcel or large multi-family residential complex. It provides a more detailed investigation than a traditional Commercial Mortgage Location Survey. It allows for a smoother transaction and reduces risks by confirming boundary lines to protect your commercial real estate investment and demonstrate real estate due diligence. The detailed information obtained in an ALTA / NSPS Land title survey can determine whether it makes sense to proceed with a loan or acquisition. Our accuracy is guaranteed and the survey is certified to the borrower, lender, and title insurer.

Actions Performed 

What the service entails

  • Researching public and private land records

  • Determining the perimeters of a parcel or tract of land

  • Establishing or re-establishing monumentation

  • Describing and locating fixed improvements

  • Preparing descriptions of the parcel or tract of land

Equipment Used

  • Geomax Zoom 90 Robotic Total Station

  • Sokkia SDL 30 and Topcon DL 502 Digital Levels

  • Trimble R12 and Carlson BRx7 GPS Units

  • Carlson Survey, Civil 3D, Trimble Business Center, and Microstation Power InRoads

  • Carlson Surveyor2 and Trimble TSC5 Data Collectors

  • Location of property monumentation

  • Location of site improvements (buildings, fences, etc.) in relation to boundary monumentation

  • Location of any visible evidence of use or easement (prescriptive easement)

  • Fences, buildings, and any other improvements from adjoining properties that overstep the borders of the property being acquired

  • Location of utility lines and points of connection

  • Plotting any such matters of records on the survey

  • Meeting any additional ALTA/NSPS requirements

  • Reviewing title of subject property, such as chain of deeds, easements, building setbacks, & other restrictions


What is a Table A in an ALTA Survey?

Table A is a list of optional items that may or may not apply to your property. Some of the optional items include documenting parking spaces, right of way, and wetlands. Sometimes the optional items are mandated by the lender or broker. Every property is unique and SurvTech Solutions will work through the list and make recommendations on what should be included to keep costs manageable and still protect your investment.

How much does an ALTA Survey cost?

Due to the time and effort to create an ALTA Survey they typically cost more than surveys that are created for a specific state standard. The amount of optional items you want included will affect the price. We will work with you to help determine which options you need and will benefit you and which ones can be omitted to reduce costs. We are competitively priced with superior quality and customer service.

Can I order additional survey services at the same time?

Many of our customers request upgrades on their ALTA/NSPS Land Title survey to save time by measuring additional items or collecting additional data that will be useful for construction.

When can you start?

Our team of professional land surveyors is very efficient and ready to deploy. We work with your time frame to provide superior survey solutions in a timely fashion.

Where do you survey?

Our survey office is headquartered in Tampa, Florida we have other offices spread out throughout the Southeast United States to handle your commercial surveying needs.

Licensed to Survey in these states:

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • South Carolina

  • North Carolina

  • Alabama

  • Arkansas

  • Mississippi

  • Maine

  • Louisiana

  • Kentucky

  • Tennessee

  • Texas

  • Colorado

Survey Offices based in or near:

  • Tampa, Florida

  • Sanford, Florida

  • Mulberry, Florida

  • Fort Pierce, Florida

  • Fort Myers, Florida

  • Jacksonville, Florida

  • Mobile, Alabama

  • New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Decatur, Alabama

  • Burham, Main

Surveying Today 
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