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Digital Twins with
Indoor Mobile Mapping

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to double check measurements, verify item locations with pin point accuracy and verify specific details of your warehouse, factory or lab without ever leaving your office? With Indoor Mobile Mapping technology, you can have a digital twin of any interior space that allows you to do all that and a whole lot more.

Indoor Mobile Mapping Experts

Interior Mapping of Plants, Factories, Labs, Government Buildings and more

Our trained Indoor Mobile Mapping experts know exactly how to use the NavVis M6 Indoor Mobile Mapping System (IMMS) and  NavVis VLX to capture all the details of your space the first time efficiently and accurately. This allows you to get what you need faster and easier. SurvTech Solutions knows how to make sure all the intricate details of your facility are captured so that you can reference them from anywhere at any time in the future with our special NavVis Indoor Viewer. Details can be added to your map to provide interactive data that enhances understanding. Data is available through our password encrypted site to keep your information safe.

zoom in of mobile mapping showing details of 3D lidar and point cloud views

Applications for Indoor Mobile Mapping

​Interior Mobile Mapping is perfect for highly detailed larger areas. This will allow you to have a digital replica of your physical interior space that you can use for multiple applications including:

  • Allow architects and construction managers to review job site progress virtually

  • Give virtual walk-through presentations to a maintenance team

  • First Responders can use detailed facility maps to get the basic routing they need

  • Water treatment facilities can review site details 

  • Automotive plants and other factories can evaluate building designs to test and improve efficiencies

  • Communicate effectively with team members and vendors about facility details

  • Map large areas like airports, subways, covered concourses and other transportation buildings

  • Public event spaces like auditoriums, theaters, and concert halls can evaluate renovation plans and preserve as is conditions

Digital Twin Demo


Digital Twin Demo

See for yourself what interior mobile mapping can do by viewing this sample Digital scan of a facility. It may look like a Matterport tour but it takes the ease of exploring a Matterport model to the next level with design-grade precision 3D LiDAR and 360° accuracy. Best of all, the imagery is created 10x faster than traditional terrestrial scanning methods. This can improve communication between team members and reduce logistical costs significantly.

an example of 3D LiDAR used indoors to create a 360 view
Example of Garcia Brothers Cigar Factory in 3D LiDAR view

Factory Digital Scan

We keep your information secure and only give access to the people you want to view it. We coordinate with your team to find the optimum time to scan your project. We can handle large scale projects like this automotive plant who gave us permission to share some images.

NavVis IndoorViewer

Click the NavVis Indoor Viewer to view a demo of our scan of the Perfecto Garcia Brothers Cigar Factory This demo allows access to the 3-story building in both image and point cloud view.

picture of cars in a BMW Plant using point cloud scanning

Request a Service

Creating a virtual model of processes, products, or services is where the true power of a digital twin comes into play. Digital twins are a technology trend that is becoming increasingly more affordable to implement. Testing in a virtual world helps owners uncover opportunities and cost-saving initiatives that can be applied to the real world. Talk to the experts at SurvTech to see how you can incorporate digital twin technology to transform your business.

Contact SurvTech Solutions to see how indoor mobile scanning can improve your work flow with a digital twin.

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