Aerial LiDAR and Photogrammetry 

LiDAR is an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging, a laser-based system of scanning and capturing high-resolution digital spatial data that can be used for surveying and geospatial applications.  The combination of LiDAR scanning technology with an aerial deployment platform allows for extraordinary efficiency and speed for gathering accurate spatial data. 


SurvTech offers a multi-platform approach to LiDAR services to provide our clients with the benefit of a single, trusted source for laser scanning solutions.  Our geospatial services team is experienced in a wide variety of mapping disciplines united by one goal—client success.  With in-house photogrammetry, airborne LiDAR, and GIS solutions, we work with the client to determine the best geospatial technology to meet their unique project needs and schedules.

Airborne LiDAR Applications

  • High Accuracy High Point Density Elevation Data

  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

  • Micro-Topography

  • Forest Planning and Management

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Flood Models

  • Watershed / Stream Delineation and Analysis

  • Land Classification

  • Coastal Erosion and Management

  • Transportation Planning

  • Mining

  • Solar Energy and Wind Farm Planning

  • Storm Water Management

Aerial Photography Applications

  • Planimetric and Topographic Mapping

  • Transportation Planning and Maintenance

  • Urban Development

  • Land-use Planning

  • Cadastral Mapping

  • Asset Inventory

  • Geologic Mapping

LiDAR Data Outputs

  • Calibrated Point Cloud

  • Classified Point Cloud

  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

  • Intensity Imagery

  • LAS Formats v1.2 and v1.4

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Are you in need of aerial services for your project? For aerial LiDAR contact Ken Comeaux at 256-568-8100, and for imagery contact Carlos Prieto at 251202-0926, or click the link below.



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