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Helicopter LiDAR

Helicopter LiDAR and Photogrammetry 

SurvTech Solutions, Inc. owns and operates a Riegl VPX-1 system, enhancing the existing airborne collection capabilities and adding valuable services to the utility and transportation industry. The VPX-1 carries a VUX-160 airborne laser scanner and three Phase One iXM high-resolution digital cameras capturing nadir and oblique images. The VPX-1 LiDAR and Image pod offers high-resolution LiDAR capabilities, allowing SurvTech to capture precise elevation data with a high level of detail. By combining this LiDAR data with imagery, we can create comprehensive datasets that provide a holistic view of the terrain and infrastructure in the utility industry. 


Our VUX-160 will be an ideal powerline mapping tool! The accuracy of the helicopter is on par with our aerial and UAV systems. The density is comparable to a dense UAV cloud, but the range on the VUX-160 will make it much more efficient. Plus, you have the PhaseOne cameras to add to the value of the acquisition effort. The scanner's forward/nadir/aft looks to provide better coverage and feature detection than our Galaxy and VUX-1UAV.

PR4 data imagery
Riegl sensor for data capture
LiDAR scanner
PR2 dara
helicopter LiDAR capabilities

SurvTech can Assist Utility Companies in Many Ways!

  • Infrastructure planning and design: The high-resolution elevation data and imagery can aid in the planning and design of utility infrastructure, such as power lines, pipelines, or transmission towers. The accurate elevation data helps identify suitable locations, assess potential obstacles, and optimize the design process. 

  • Vegetation management: LiDAR data can help identify vegetation encroachment near power lines or other utility infrastructure, allowing utility companies to prioritize maintenance and mitigate the risk of outages or damage caused by overgrown trees or vegetation. 

  • Asset management and monitoring: By regularly capturing LiDAR data and imagery, SurvTech can assist utility companies in monitoring their infrastructure over time. This enables them to identify changes, assess structural integrity, and plan maintenance or replacement activities effectively. 

  • Disaster planning and response: LiDAR data combined with imagery can support emergency planning and response efforts. The detailed elevation and image data helps in identifying flood-prone areas, assessing potential impact zones, and aiding in evacuation route planning. 

  • Environmental impact assessment: The combination of LiDAR and imagery can be useful for assessing the environmental impact of utility projects. It allows for accurate modeling and analysis of potential effects on natural habitats, wetlands, or other environmentally sensitive areas. 

LiDAR data

SurvTech's VPX-1 LiDAR and Image pod provides utility industry clients with valuable elevation data and imagery, enabling better decision-making, improved infrastructure management, and enhanced safety measures. 

Request Helicopter LiDAR Services

Are you in need of aerial services for your project? For aerial LiDAR contact Ken Comeaux at 256-568-8100, and for imagery contact Carlos Prieto at 251-202-0926, or click the link .

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