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SurvTech Solutions (SurvTech) is a geospatial firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with branch offices in Lakeland, Sanford and Ft. Pierce, Florida; Mobile and Decatur, Alabama; and New Orleans, Louisiana.  Since 2004, SurvTech has provided surveying, mapping and geophysical services throughout the Southeastern US (FL, GA, SC, NC, KY, AL, LA, MS, TN & TX).  Our services include conventional land surveying; hydrographic surveying (single beam, multi beam, side scan, sub-bottom, and interferometric); subsurface utility mapping (GPR, ERI & EM), including soft dig capability (vacuum excavation); 3D high definition laser scanning (terrestrial LiDAR), mobile LiDAR, Indoor Mobile LiDAR and 3D modeling and BIM services; Metrology and Laser Tracking (Industrial Equipment alignment); geophysical mapping (GPR, ERI, EM, and Seismic); Geographic Information Systems (GIS); and aerial mapping utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s or drones) and fixed wing airplanes.  The SurvTech team offers a turnkey solution for mapping on land, on water, under water, underground (on land or underwater) or from the air, with one manned and unmanned systems! 


Our Mission:  "To better the lives of our employees, who in return make the difference for our clients!"



SurvTech is the premier geospatial firm in the southeast United States.   Our company is built upon a foundation of quality people equipped with advanced technology, who care about our clients needs.  All of our professional surveyors and field personnel are background checked, TWIC and MICCS badged; and MOT, MSHA, OSHA 40 Hour Hazwoper, CPR, and first aid certified.  Our field personnel are equipped with the experience and resources to perform any surveying and mapping project.


SurvTech performs hydrographic surveys on rivers, lakes, quarries, berths, and coastal water bodies, using the latest hydrographic technology.  We specialize in performing hydrographic surveys in complex environments, including those with difficult access and/or acidic water conditions.  Using innovative methods, we have equipped one-manned vessels, unmanned vessels, and amphibious vessels with the latest in sonar technology, including single beam, single beam dual frequency, side scan, multi beam, interferometric, sub-bottom profiler, seismic, magnetometer, pinger and boomer systems.



SurvTech is equipped with the airborne resources to perform wide area mapping on a county, or even state-wide scale, or on smaller more traditional sites (100's to 1000's of acres).  Our approach to aerial mapping is to deliver the correct tool for the project. We offer our clients airplanes and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) equipped with the latest LiDAR sensors, RBG cameras, multi and hyper-spectral cameras, FLIR, gas detection, and magnetometers. 


Whether it's underground  or underwater, SurvTech has the resources to map subsurface features. These features can be utilities such as: water, sewer, gas, telecommunications, electric or petroleum.  We have the equipment to get the job done, including ground penetrating radar (GPR), electrical resistivity (ERI), seismic, electromagnetic induction (EM), and magnetometers.  We also have a fleet of vacuum excavation (soft dig) trucks and trailers to verify and survey subsurface utilities.



We are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees, customers, and the public!

SurvTech is amazing. The people and the quality of work are superb.  The owners, Dave O'Brien and Stacy Brown, are hands on and are just professional and amazing people.

William Hatfield


Our Story...

Whatever your mapping needs, we are the firm for you!  Instead of forcing the wrong tool for your project, we deliver the best solution for your needs!  When other companies say you can't map that...or you can't measure it that accurately...that's when you need to call us!  Contact us to find the solution that fits your project's needs!




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