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Metrology and 3D Scanning Team Up to Get the Job Done!

Survey Scanners
Models Left to Right - Leica RTC-360 Terrestrial Scanner, Leica AT-403 Laser Tracker, Leica AT-960 Laser Tracker. -Photo Credit to Tony Diaz

Here at SurvTech Solutions, we strive to collab with our sister departments to make our firm a more well-rounded organization. Our Metrology and 3D Scanning crews now work hand and hand to provide our clients with the most reliable and accurate data possible. When you combine the human hair accuracies of a Tripod mounted Laser Tracker with the speed and area coverage of a stationary Terrestrial 3D Scanner, we can now supply our clients with a large-scale 3d area scan while having the ability to report features that require precise measurements of all within the same 3D model. Teaming up has allowed us to grow our wealth of knowledge and create a more diverse team with many scanning opportunities that we could not have achieved individually.

A historic Miami bascule bridge had become inoperable after almost 100 years of wear and a vessel impact. The City of Miami reached out to SurvTech for a solution that would be cost-effective and done in a timely manner. After a few conversations and meetings between department managers, we delivered a 4-day scope of work with a resolution for the client. Metrology and Scanning set up a localized control network that both departments' equipment could interpret. Now that we had closed the language gap between both types of technology, the only thing left to do was to get to work. The Metrology team utilized A Leica AT-960 to locate and capture positional data of the main pivoting components. At the same time, the scanning crew proceeded to scan the rest of the structural girders and cross members. At the end of the week, the scanning Department was able to take the metrology data and overlap it with the finalized 3d scan model.

The client now had an overall picture of the problem areas of the bridge that needed to be assessed before restoration work could begin. The finalized product could not have been achieved without Metrology and our sister Scanning department bringing our heads together to solve an issue with no apparent answer. We were delighted with the final product, and so was the client. We will continue to hone this new collaboration technique until we have a polished picture of perfection product to reassure our clients that they made the right choice by choosing SurvTech to handle the problems that don't always have an apparent solution. At the end of the day, none of this was possible without teamwork. Here at SurvTech, we pride ourselves on the no man left behind mentality, which shows in our work quality.


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