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Geophysical Services

SurvTech has experienced personnel with proven results providing ground penetrating radar (GPR), electrical
resistivity imaging (ERI), and electromagnetic (EM) conductivity surveying for a variety of project needs in support of geologic, geotechnical, and environmental investigations. 

SURV1B_Inv Schlum
Cemetery 931
ER surv at LS Mine
ERI cross section sample sinkhole featur
ER composite figure
Boat in heritage pines sinkhole
Sample GPR Data
Spring Hill Sinkhole 3117
3D GPR screen image of wire mess
EM_jw_ce (2) cropped
Spring hill sinkhole IMAG3118

Geologic / Geotechnical Investigation

Geophysical services support and enhance geologic and geotechnical investigations by facilitating the location and identification of subsurface karst features (potential sinkholes) or other related ground stability issues.


SurvTech can also map the lateral extent and continuity of shallow soils to help delineate the margin of deleterious soils, such as shallow expansive clays, or highly organic soils.


In some cases, geophysics can identify shallow areas of bedrock that may result in site modification that affect various excavations, foundations, drainage ponds, etc. Other instances include mapping of shallow caves.


Geophysics and test borings are complementary methods. Utilizing geophysics can help geotechnical companies strategically position borings in areas of concern or interest.  This makes these techniques extremely cost effective.

Geophysics can be used to locate subsurface utilities, including: water mains; wastewater; gas; power and electric; fiberoptic cables (FOC); cable television (CATV); and telecommunications and fiber optic lines.  GPR can also be used to located rebar, post-tension cables, and conduits in concrete foundations, footers and walls.


We specialize in:


  • Geologic Interpretation and Expertise

  • Subsurface Geophysical Surveys

  • Sinkhole, Void, and Karst Investigations

  • Environmental Studies

  • Archaeological Surveys

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Electrical Resistivity (ERI)

  • Seismic Refraction (Upland & Marine)

  • EM31 Ground Conductivity

  • EM61 Time Domain Metal Detection

  • MASW (Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves)

  • Microgravity

SurvTech in the News!  

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Request a Service

Do you need a geophysical survey?  Contact Wesley Mayhew at 813-621-4929, or, or click the link below. 

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