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Interior Space Mapping per BOMA Standards

BOMA Standard Method of Floor Measurements for Office Buildings first appeared in 1915. Since then, BOMA has been adopted as the national standard for floor measurement throughout the industry. The standards have been revised and updated over the years to meet the changing needs of real estate and the new trends in office building design. Whether you need BOMA plans for an upcoming real estate transaction, to simplify lease space calculations for potential tenants or to make upcoming renovations easier to plan, the experts at SurvTech Solutions are ready to provide Interior Space Mapping per BOMA standards.

Accuracy of BOMA Studies

Having accurate data is the key to making BOMA studies useful for you. With SurvTech Solutions you can be assured that your data is accurate and calculated using the latest technology. SurvTech has a full arsenal of tools to complete the job efficiently including, LiDAR, Laser Scanning, Interior Mobile Mappers and other 360º capture tools.  

Using 3D Laser Scanning for BOMA Standards

  • Safe -- We are equipped with scanners with ranges of up to 330 meters, that allow us to scan in hazardous conditions.

  • Accurate -- 3D laser scanning is extremely accurate. At ±1mm, you can depend on the data for design work with no field fabrications needed.  

  • Minimal Impact -- Allows us to not interrupt processes in your building.

  • Efficient -- 3D laser scanning collects more data in a shorter amount of time than traditional methods of surveying. 

Additional Deliverables

SurvTech is a geospatial company, so any of our scan deliverables can be georeferenced if requested. By georeferencing the point cloud and/or model, the end user can combine the scan data set with surveys, or add to the scan data at a future time, without inconvenience. SurvTech recommends georeferencing the cloud if: the project includes any work outside the building envelope, it's for design purposes, or it's to be used for emergency response or navigation.


  • 3D Model -- Allows our clients to insert models into their drawing and design directly on existing conditions in a 3D environment. 

  • Point Cloud Files -- Allows ​your firm to extract information from the 'point cloud' using your company's methods and work flow. 

  • Point Clouds and Model Combined -- Combined model with point cloud to allow end user (designer) to see any items in point cloud that were NOT modeled.  

  • Viewer -- Allows the end user to store point cloud and imagery information on a straightforward viewer that can measure, navigate and store information about the data set.  Advanced viewers can turn into 3D information models for storing information about equipment installs, maintenance, replacement, startup and shut down procedures and other miscellaneous information.

  • Intelligent Models (Plant Information Systems) -- CAD or BIM with intelligence, including storing information about equipment installs, maintenance, replacement, startup and shut down procedures, including equipment manuals, and training and safety videos.  

  • Animation -- Existing structures, industrial plants, or even accident scenes can be scanned.  From the scan a virtual 3D realm can be created, where animation can display historical events such as "accidents", or training videos for potential future events. 

Capture (2)
SurvTech Solutions | Mobile scanning
1 (2)
SurvTech Solutions | Point cloud
SurvTech Solutions | Point cloud
SurvTech Solutions | 3D Laser Scan
SurvTech Solutions | Point cloud
SurvTech Solutions | Point cloud
SurvTech Solutions | Point cloud
SurvTech Solutions | Mobile scanning

Detailed BOMA Analysis Reports and Floor Plans

By having the trained professionals at SurvTech Solutions map your property, you will receive carefully crafted BOMA compliant floor plans of your building. This is different than an Elevation Certificate.  Your floor plan will be created using AutoCAD or Revit. Our plans include: explanations of key features, square footage charts, and other useful information.

People who Benefit from Interior Space Measurements per BOMA standards

Interior space measurement is the process of measuring the inside of any building or structure. 

Below are some of the types of clients that have benefited from this service: 

  • Design Engineers

  • Architects

  • Construction Companies

  • Landlords

  • Tenants

  • Interior Designers

  • Decorators

  • Drafters

Interior Space Measurments

Key Benefits of Accurately Measured BOMA Studies

  • Cut down on disputes

  • Maximize the prevention of unknown lease losses

  • Reduce renovations costs

  • Due Diligence

  • Accurate Marketing Tools

  • Maximize lease profitability

Accurately Map Your Floor Plan

Are you ready to get your Floor Plan created to BOMA standards?

Let the experts at SurvTech Solutions help you get there.

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