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3D Laser Scanner Hardware

SurvTech Solutions offers multiple 3D laser scanner hardware options. Please contact us to find out what is the the best laser scanner for your needs.

Leica Scanstation

The Leica Scanstation is a “time of flight scanner for long range point cloud acquisition, utilized on projects where data needs to be acquired from a distance of over 250 feet.  Acquires point data at approximately 30,000 points per second at a range up to approximately 1000 feet.  Typical situation would be very large buildings, bridges, towers or other structures where the scanner cannot occupy a location close to the structure.  The problem with scanning from 1000 feet is that the scanners perspective is typically very narrow at that range.

Leica Scanstation Additional Information:

FARO Focus

The Faro Focus scanner is a “phase based” scanner used for very congested close range sites, such as industrial, chemical and power plants.  Acquires point data at approximately 1,000,000 points per second at a range up to approximately 250 feet.

Faro Focus Additional Information:

Faro Focus
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