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3D Laser Tracker and Metrology

Known better as Industrial Surveying or "Metrology", this methodology creates new opportunities to solve complex problems for clients from rotating shaft alignment, to measuring complex shapes to dynamic real-time deformation analysis like vibration or deflection. 


Any industry that requires precision alignment or construction can benefit from these types of services, including power generation, oil and gas, process plant, and structures and components of any size.

When projects require precise 3D measurements that cannot be obtained using conventional survey instrumentation, Survtech Solutions is ready to help with a full suite of geospatial services. Metrology-grade accuracy is available by using our state-of-the-art 3D Laser trackers which provide sub-millimeter precision in horizontal and vertical location of objects and structures to accurately monitor and measure for analysis. SurvTech prides itself on it's commitment to Health & Safety.

The precise 3D measurements can be used to prepare reports for deviation, alignment, as-built measurement and even preventative maintenance such as monitoring surface deformation and wear. The devices used are highly specialized for accurate, portable 3D dimensional measurements using 3D laser trackers, portable cmm's and short-range handheld scanners.

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Metrology-grade accuracy
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Advanced Fit Optimization
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  • Safe – by using the latest technology, our surveyors are able to work remotely with tablet computers and eye-safe lasers.

  • Accurate – 3D laser trackers are the most accurate solution for precise 3D measurements in sub-millimeter performance.

  • Minimal Impact – by having portable, accurate tools like the laser tracker, technicians reduce time operating equipment and often can produce results while onsite with specialized software like New River Kinematics (spatial analyzer software).

  • Proven – 3D laser trackers are used in the most critical dimensional control applications like aerospace and power generation. 


  • 3D Measurements – the precision of 3D laser trackers can give x, y and z coordinates within sub-millimeter precision with infinite configurations. 

  • 3D Analysis – the specialized software can produce a myriad of reporting options from whisker plots to deviation heat maps to station/offset dimensional reports, which can identify complicated relationship-based analysis that only portable 3D measuring devices are capable of.

  • Graphical Reports – comprehensible graphical reports and GD&T (geometric dimensioning and tolerance) reports, from coordinate tables with nominal comparison showing deviation, to 3D models highlighting the results. 

  • Real-time Measurements – often, moving parts need to be analyzed while under load, therefore the ability to offer a “watch window” showing real-time measurements from the laser tracker measuring continuously can show minute deflections in the target helping identify potential problems.

Request a Service

Do you have a project that needs metrology level 3D laser tracking services? Contact SurvTech Solutions today!

Industrial clients appreciate the improvements for inspection, engineering, fabrication and monitoring applications including:

  • Alignment

  • Inspection

  • Virtual Fit-up

  • Machining

  • Machine Tool Calibration

  • Robotic Calibration

  • Precision 3D Modeling and Printing

  • Prototyping

  • Real-time Build and Monitor

  • Engineering Development

  • Equipment Installation

  • Gage RR

  • Reverse Engineering

Metrology Applications

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