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What Can 3D Laser Scanning do for you?

3D Laser Scanning by SurvTech Solutions is more than just a fancy piece of technology, it literally puts any project manager in the driver’s seat as far as accuracy, speed, and control. With the 3D Laser Scanning system utilized by SurvTech Solutions As Built Surveys are completed to the utmost accuracy, under almost any weather or site conditions, and furthermore, Laser Scanning allows SurvTech Solutions to work and get your completed survey back to you much faster than traditional surveying methods.

If you are looking for the highest levels of professionalism, accurate data, efficient surveyors, and are ready to embrace the cutting edge of surveying technology, then 3D Laser Scanning from SurvTech Solutions is the ONLY choice for your project and your firm.

The Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning by SurvTech Solutions brings such a fantastic advantage to any project the technology is used on. By being a non-intrusive technology, work at plants and industrial facilities is minimally impacted by surveying crews and data collection. This is turn bring about a dramatic reduction is the field construction timetable. Furthermore, by being non-intrusive, 3-D Laser Scanning allows for maximize field crew safety for all involved. Data is collected from a safe distance, on the ground, and can even be captured in less than optimal or even hazardous conditions, this also translates to saving costs on the budget by eliminating excess field time and peripheral safety equipment like safety harnesses and scaffolding.

In addition to minimizing the crews impact in daily operations, the data collection capabilities of 3-D Laser Scanning are second to none! As Built Surveying Drawings are completed in the fastest time ever possible. By Laser Scanning, millions of points are collected and those points accurately reflect the entire surface being scanned, this eliminates guesswork and human error as what the Station is scanning is reflected back in the accuracy of the data. This also allows for an infinitely higher level of accuracy over outdated, outmoded, and/or incomplete As Built Survey Drawings, and blows traditional manual measurement survey drawing out of the water. This accurate data collection will then, in turn, reduce projected project costs and field time by eliminating both construction delays and the time the surveyor needs to conduct the surveys.

Another amazing aspect of 3-D Laser Scanning by SurvTech Solutions is that the data collected can be viewed in a 3-D space allowing for clients, project managers, and anyone involved in the project to get a real world view of the site and project area without physically visiting the site. By allowing a digital picture to be draped over the collected data you are viewing a true to life Three Dimensional image that is both accurate and editable. This allows for further budget and time saving as unnecessary site visits are eliminated and the data collected is not just figuratively, but also literally at your command!

Your Florida Laser Scanning Solution

SurvTech Solutions has been providing Laser Scanning solutions to Florida and surrounding Southwest states for over 15 years. As a leader in technology we can help you measure any space.

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