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3D Model Delivery

If our clients have 3D design and/or viewing capabilities in a CAD program, a 3D model is by far the most efficient and productive deliverable. 


Modeling and Animation is time consuming and thus can be expensive, but instead of a client receiving a 100 GB point cloud that is almost useless to them, the same site can be modeled and deliver in CAD format.  The file size of a model is rarely over 10 Mb’s. 


The model deliverable allows the engineer or architect to insert the entire model into their drawing and design directly on existing conditions in a 3D environment.

Plus the beauty of modeling is that we don’t have to model the entire site. Once the site is scanned, the client can review the imagery and point cloud and direct us to model only what is necessary. 


If they change their mind at a later time we can always model anything additional, because we have the point cloud.  Sophisticated clients who design in 3D embrace this approach, because they can use the point cloud to look for conflicts or general site conditions and then have us model any connection points.  It saves time, money and gives them the best of both worlds.

3D Model Delivery Methods

SurvTech can deliver models in multiple file formats.


3D Model
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