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USV Unmanned Surveying Vessels USVs

Unmanned Surveying Vessels (USVs) 

SurvTech leads the industry in the use of advanced Unmanned Surveying Vessel (USV) technologies to provide the best-in-class geospatial solutions for the future.

Unmanned Survey Vessels (USVs) are one of the most popular tools that we show off at trade shows. The USV may be the smallest in our fleet of hydrographic mapping tools, but it is extremely effective.

Unmanned Survey Vessel Solutions

​Unmanned Survey Vessels (sometimes also called Unmanned Surface Vessels) provide unique surveying capabilities in numerous bodies of water including:

  • Golf Course, Storm Water and Subdivision Ponds

  • Streams

  • Lakes

  • Mining Pits, Tailing Ponds and Quarries

  • Dams

  • Reservoirs

  • Estuaries

  • Harbors

  • Ports

  • Berths

  • Channels

  • Sewage Treatment Plants

  • Coastal Zones

SurvTech at a Trade Show with USV

How USVs Work:

The unmanned survey vessels use echo sounders to provide detailed maps for bathymetric surveys and volumetric calculations. They are constructed of robust marine-grade materials to handle the multitude of environments they may encounter to measure the physical features in the water bodies. They can be outfitted with any of the same hydrographic equipment of our larger vessels. Our custom-built USV “Kraken” can be equipped with our Norbit iWBMS multibeam system for highly accurate, comprehensive data collection, while our Z-Boat 1250 is specialized for fast, single beam surveys.


​Our hydrographic survey specialists are able to access real-time data via wireless connection, to guide the USVs while mapping survey areas. Their unique size and shape mean they can go into areas that were previously inaccessible or hard to reach. Some of these unique access areas include: shallow waters, environmentally sensitive zones, toxic/acidic waters, and areas without traditional boat access. The small size allows for faster deployment and shortens the overall survey data acquisition process.

USV Operator controls craft for Hydrographic Survey

Technical specs of the Z-Boat 1250

  • Lightweight and able to be deployed by a single person

  • Single beam bathymetric system

  • RTK-grade positioning

  • Hemisphere S320 GPS receiver to enable RTK-level positional accuracy

We have numerous methods for collecting data in different types of bodies of water. By having a multitude of hydrographic survey vessels in our fleet, from USVs to boats, we can choose the right tool for the job. No matter what type of hydrographic survey you need, contact our team at SurvTech Solutions.

Request a Service

Do you have a project that needs an unmanned surveying vessel? Contact Ken Comeaux at 256-568-8100 or at, or click on the link below.

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