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SurvTech Solutions a geospatial firm

About SurvTech Solutions

The ONE Mapping firm that offers EVERY Mapping Solution!

SurvTech Solutions, Inc. (SurvTech) is one of the most complete geospatial firms in the United States, offering the complete set of geospatial tools.  The company is built upon a foundation of quality people equipped with advanced technology.  We have expanded our focus to acquiring LiDAR and sonar data from moving vehicles vehicles and vessels, both manned and unmanned.  Our personnel are experienced with RTK (real time kinematic), PPK (post processed kinematic), and PP-RTX (post processed with satellite corrections) GPS.  Our staff’s experience lies with the integration of systems, including LiDAR sensors, multi-beam sensors, side scan, sub-bottom profiling, seismic, and inertial systems.  We offer metrology services that provide highly accurate (+-/ 1/10,000-inch) measurements, using advanced laser tracking technology.  Interior and exterior scanning is accomplished using a combination of terrestrial (stationary) LiDAR and mobile scanning using both SLAM algorithms and GPS inertial navigation systems, to create a true “Digital Twins” of structures and facilities.  Our true expertise lies with the post processing of datasets from multiple sensors and navigation systems, utilizing different software packages, including Hypack, Hysweep, Inertial Explorer, Applanix, Trimble Business Center, Global Mapper, SonarWiz, Caris, Microstation InRoads, Faro Scene, Leica Cyclone, AutoCAD, Carlson Survey, and Spatial Analyzer. SurvTech is a small business (SB) with the federal government for NAICS code 541370 (Surveying and Mapping). The SurvTech team offers a turnkey mapping solution for mapping on land, on water, under water, underground, from the air, and inside structures, tunnels or mines.  The advantage of SurvTech is the complete solution we offer to our clients. 


Surveying Today with Tomorrow's Technology


Land Surveying and Mapping

​Unmanned Vehicles - Aerial, Water & Terrestrial

Geophysical Mapping - Sink Holes, Dam Boils, Mineral Exploration

Aerial LiDAR, RGB Imagery, FLIR, and Multi Spectral with UAV's and Airplanes

Subsurface Utility Designation and Verification (GPR, EM & Vaccum Excavation)

Terrestrial LiDAR (3D High Definition Laser Scanning), Mobile LiDAR (Trucks & Boats)
3D Virtual Reality Creation (Digital Twins), Animation, Rendering, Scan to BIM, 3D Modeling

Hydrographic Surveying - Single Beam, Dual Frequency, Multi Beam, Sub-bottom, Pinger, & Seismic

Indoor Mobile Mapping with 360° Imagery, Interior Space Measurements, Floor Plans, and Navigation

Licensed in the following states:

  • Alabama

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • Kentucky 

  • Louisiana

  • Maine

  • Colorado

  • Mississippi

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Tennessee

  • Texas

  • Arkansas

Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS)

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Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are always efficient, utilizing the latest technology and best equipment to get the job done right.  We consistently push ourselves to stay ahead of the curve by striving to enhance our service delivery.

Please meet our key staff members below. They can all be contacted at 


Headshot 3.jpg

David O' Brien


  • 25+ years of experience in surveying

  • BS, Surveying Engineering, University of Maine

  • Co-founded his first surveying firm in 1995, where he was also a professional surveyor and the Vice President for over 10 years

  • Started SurvTech in 2004

  • Licensed surveyor and mapper in eleven (11) states; Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS); LEED AP

  • Key role in transforming SurvTech into a cutting edge geospatial firm offering land surveying, hydrographic surveying, aerial mapping (LiDAR & Imagery) with UAV’s and airplanes, GIS, subsurface utility location, 3D laser scanning (terrestrial, mobile, and indoor), and metrology.

Contact Mr. O’Brien by email:; 813-621-4929

Stacy Brown Vice President SurvTech Solutions

Stacy Brown

Vice President/Co-Founder

  • 20+ years of experience in surveying 

  • Expert in boundary, topographic, tree, wetland and hydrographic surveying, as well as construction layout.

  • BS, Civil Engineering, University of Maine

  • Practicing surveying and mapping with Mr. O’Brien since 1997

  • Contact Mr. Brown for surveying and mapping questions

Contact Mr. Brown by email:; 813-621-4929


image002 (1)_edited.jpg

Dan Congel

Chief Financial Officer 

  • Joined SurvTech in 2023

  • Works closely with the principals with a focus on cost controls and strategic growth opportunities

  • Proven track record of successfully guiding company decision-making regarding M&A activities

  • 15 plus years of experience

  • BA, Business, Siena College, Loudonville, NY, Cum Laude

  • Based in Tampa, FL

Rhonda Curran

Rhonda Curran


  • Joined SurvTech in 2007

  • Works closely with the principles to forecast and budget for strategic growth of the firm.

  • BS, Accounting, University of Arkansas at Monticello, Graduated Suma Cum Laude 

  • Prior involvement with two start-ups and was influential in their growth and expansion.

  • Unanet expert.

  • Currently growing SurvTech with their expansion into Central Florida; 813-621-4929

Contact Ms. Curran by email:

Preston Mott Proposal Manager at SurvTech Solutions

Preston Mott

Proposal Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2021

  • 6 Years Experience

  • Expert with project support, team coordination, RFQ/SOQ responses, and proposal packages and submittals.

  • Based in Pensacola, FL

Emily Falcone

Emily Falcone

Marketing Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2021

  • MS, Marketing, University of South Florida

  • 6 Years Experience

  • HubSpot Expert 

  • Based in Tampa, FL


Morgan Suissa HR at SurvTech

Morgan Suissa

Human Resources Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2013

  • 9+ years experience.

  • BA, Mass Communications, University of South Florida

  • Based in Tampa, Florida.

Mathew Brooks

Mathew Brooks

V.P. Contracts Management/ Survey Estimator/ Professional Surveyor & Mapper / Project Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2013

  • BS, Surveying Engineering Technologies and Business Administration, University of Maine

  • 9+ years of surveying experience

  • Professionally Licensed Surveyor in three (3) states (FL, NY, ME)

  • Expert in cadastral boundary surveys, ALTA/NSPS Land Title surveys, topographic, tree, and wetland surveys

  • Expert in Construction & As-Built Surveys, and Construction support for U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE)

  • Based in Tampa, Florida


Ryan Fowler

Vice President / Sanford Division Manager / Professional Surveyor & Mapper

  • Joined SurvTech in 2013

  • 16+ years of surveying experience

  • Expert with gas transmission line (route) surveys.

  • BS, Geology, State University of New York College at Cortland

  • Based in Sanford, Florida


Tim McClintic PSM

Tim McClintic

 V.P. Mulbery Operations/ Professional Surveyor & Mapper / Project Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2005

  • 15 years experience 

  • BS, Mathematics, Michigan State University

  • Based in Mulberry, Florida

Brent Swann

Brent Swann

Survey Project Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2005

  • 15 years experience 

  • Operator Qualification (OQ) Evaluator  

  • OSHA, MSHA, Phosphate, & MOT certified.

  • Based in Tampa, Florida

Ben Stinson

Ben Stinson

Ft. Pierce Division Manager / Professional Surveyor & Mapper / Project Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2005

  • 15+ years of experience.

  • Expert in cadastral boundary surveys, topographic, tree and wetland surveys.

  • BS, Geography, Mississippi State University

  • Based in Fort Pierce, Florida

Adam Regling Surveyor

Adam Regling

Professional Surveyor & Mapper / Project Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2017

  • 10+ years of experience.

  • Expert with transmission line (route) surveys. 

  • BS, Geomatics, University of Florida 

  • Based in Fort Pierce, Florida 


Kevin Bowman Project Manager at SurvTech Solutions

 Kevin Bowman

Project Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2021

  • Licensed to practice Land Survey in the State of Colorado

  • 7+ years of surveying experience

  • FL Licensed 

  • Experienced in ALTA surveys, Improvement survey plats, land survey plats and subdivision plats.

  • BS, Geomatics, University of Florida

  • Based in Jacksonville, FL

Gabriel Gomez CAD Technician at SurvTech Solutions

Gabriel Gomez

CAD Technician 

  • Joined SurvTech in 2020

  • BS, Geomatics Engineering, Francisco Jose de Caldas District University.

  • 12+ years of experience.

  • Experience with gas transmission line (route) surveys.

  • Managed QA/QC for different Oil and Gas areas.

  • Seismic QC experience in 2D and 3D exploration for Oil and Gas.

  • Based in Sanford, Florida

Jay Haas Project Manager

Jay Haas

Project Manager 

  • ​Joined SurvTech in 2020

  • 29+ years of industry experience.

  • Expert in Civil Engineering, Heavy Civil, Transportation, Infrastructure, Industrial, Mining, Agricultural, Residential, Commercial, Federal & County government, Local municipalities, Cultural Resources…

  • Based in Fort Myers, Florida


Raymondjames U.  Hicks

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Division Manager​

  • Joined SurvTech in 2017

  • 13+ Years Experience

  • Expert with Subsurface Utility Designating and Verification

  • Expert with GPR, EM, and vacuum excavation.

  • Based in Tampa, Florida

  • Contact Mr. Hicks by email; 813-621-4929


Josh Fox

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Field Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2017

  • Expert with Subsurface Utility Designating and Verification

  • Expert with GPR, EM, and vacuum excavation

  • Based in Tampa, FL



Mark Bickel

UAV Department Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2020

  • BS, Business Management, Grand Canyon University 

  • Combat veteran with 9 years deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Based in Mulberry office



Carlos Prieto

Vice President of Program Management / Mobile Division Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2017

  • 25+ Years Experience

  • Expert with aerial imagery and photogrammetric data acquisition and compilation.

  • Based in Mobile, Alabama



Ken Comeaux

Vice President of Operations / Decatur Division Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2017

  • 30+ Years Experience

  • Certified Photogrammetrist (CP)

  • Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP)

  • Based in Decatur, Alabama

  • Specializes in Wide Area LiDAR Acquisition

brouillette pic[844].JPG

Ray Brouillete, Jr.

New Orleans Division Manager / Sr. Program Manager / Project Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2019

  • 24 Years Experience

  • BS, Environmental Geography, University of New Orleans

  • Based in Covington, Louisiana

  • Expert with aerial imagery and LiDAR.


Fabiano Santos

3D Scanning Department Manager

  • Joined Survtech in 2022

  • 16+ years of experience in Surveying

  • BS on Business Management and Leadership, Graduated Suma Cum Laude 

  • Expert in Lidar, Digital Twin, and all things Reality Capture

  • Based in Sanford, Florida.

  • Contact Fabiano for your reality capture needs



Darron Gross

Hydrographic Department Manager

  • Joined SurvTech 2016

  • 30+ Years Experience

  • Expert with volumetric calculations and large datasets.

  • Expert with creating 3D models for machine control.

  • Construction Surveys for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

  • Based in Tampa, Florida 



Jason Ellard 

Hydrographic Technologist 4

  • Joined SurvTech in 2021

  • 21+ years of surveying experience

  • Expert in Acquisition of Bathymetric Surveys

  • Based in Tampa, FL



Henry Simpkins

Lead Technology Specialist, Hydrographic PSM

  • Joined SurvTech in 2012

  • 10 Years Experience

  • Expert with single beam, multibeam and side-scan sonar.

  • Expert with sub-bottom profiling and marine seismic surveys.

  • Expert with USV (unmanned surface vehicles)

  • US Coast Guard Captain's License

  • B.S., Surveying Engineering Technology/Law Tract minor, University of Maine

  • Based in Tampa, Florida 


John Merritt

GIS Department Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2023

  • 20+ years of federal geospatial experience

  • BS, GIS, Penn State University

  • Expertise in putting geospatial teams together to meet client needs and build programs

  • GIS Production, Development, and Data Collection expertise

  • Managed over $100M in geospatial programs

MicrosoftTeams-image (6).png

Jon Douglas


GIS/BIM Department Manager

  • Joined SurvTech in 2022

  • A.S., Civil Surveying & Engineering Technology, Valencia Community College 

  • Started in AutoCAD on r7 and production on r12 

  • Based in Orlando, FL

Screenshot 2022-07-11 120505.png

Javier O. Escobales Medina

International Division Manager 

  • Professional Land Surveyor 

  • 25+ Years’ Experience.

  • Bachelor of Science Degree Land Surveying and Mapping, 1997 Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

  • Experienced in boundary surveys, ALTA/NSPS Land Title surveys, topographic, as-built, GNSS observation & processing, and hydrographic surveys.

Scotty Maggart.png

Scott Maggart

Metrology Manager 

  • 16 years of experience in the Architectural and Aerospace industries.

  • BS, Architecture, Florida Atlantic University

  • MS, Architecture, Dessau Institute of Architecture, Germany

  • Expert in model-based metrology, reverse engineering, precision alignment and digital twin since 2010

  • Based in Sanford, Florida

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