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Industrial Plants 3D Laser Scanning

Industrial plants are one of the best and most useful application for 3D laser scanning. This gives the ability to accurately map MEP and structural components, allowing engineers to avoid conflicts that in the past would not have been caught until the construction phase. Utilizing 3D scanning in industrial plants is a drastic improvement from the conventional methods. The accuracy, time savings, and most important safety; make 3D scanning the most complete way to as-built these facilities.

3D Laser Scanning Industrial Plants Examples:
  • Mine processing

  • Chemical Plants

  • Nuclear Power Generation

  • Coal Power Generation

  • Gas Turbine Power Generation

  • Automotive

  • Refineries

  • Pulp and Paper Mills

  • Agricultural Processing

  • Phosphate


Contact SurvTech Solutions to get accurate and safe plans of your industrial plant scanned.

Industrial Plant 3D Laser Scanning
Pipeline 3D Laser Scan
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