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3D Laser Scanning for Civil Engineering

In civil engineering the laser scanner is a measurement tool, no different than a total station, level or even cloth tape.  The key is to use the right tool for the right job, to maximize quality while minimizing costs.  The scanner is a line of sight tool, so it acquires extremely detailed data on anything visible from the scanner head.  For volumes on large non-vegetated ground a scanner is extremely productive and efficient.  However, add in vegetation, such as grass or trees and a scanner may not be the right tool.


3D Laser Scanning for Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering 3D Laser Scanning Applications

Efficient uses of scanning in civil engineering include:

  • Volumetric calculations on dirt work.

  • Bridge surveys

  • Roadway surveys

  • Accurate digital terrain models (DTM’s)

  • Intricate piping and/or elevated (unable to) structures.


Want a 3D laser scan of your civil engineering project?

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