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3-D Laser Scanning & Modeling for Forensics & Accident Recreation

A picture is worth a thousand words, so a picture draped over a point cloud must be worth a million words. With the emergence of forensic software packages; the ability to utilize higher levels of contrast and sub-millimeter accuracy, teamed up with color imagery; allows professionals to get an up-close 3D view of a crime scene.  The ability for a jury or judge to see an accident scene recreated and animated in 3D could be the difference between a plaintiff and defendant winning or losing a case.

  • Creates 3-D Laser scans of crime and accident scenes

  • Allows for recreation of crime and accident scenes with overlaid digital images for accurate in court demonstrations or reviewing actual true to life reconstructed areas

  • Recreation of accident sites where quick cleanup of the scene is required (places of business, roadways, hospitals)

  • Creates true to life 3-D models capable of walk through and multiple vantage point observations for examination, re examination and comparative analysis

  • Creates a permanent and accurate record of crime or accident location scene that is both measurable and true to life

  • Expert Witness Testimony

3-D Laser Scanning for your court case

Give your case the advantage of pin point accuracy with a 3D Laser scan by SurvTech Solutions by calling 813-621-4929.


Forensic 3-D Laser Scanning and

Modeling Example

Forensic Accident Scene 3D Point Cloud

Forensic Accident Scene 3D Point Cloud

Rough 3D Model of Accident Scene Created in Revit

Rough 3D Model of Accident Scene Created in Revit


Forensic Accident Scene 3D Rendering

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