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SurvTech Upgrades Scanning System

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

NavVis VLX Backpack system scanning tool

The NavVis VLX Backpack system differs from our M6 pushcart because it is a compact, wearable device that allows for easier use over all types of terrain and obstacles; including the ability to scan up and down stairs with ease. An additional feature of this wearable mapping device is the ability to scan the outside of buildings where terrain is not as well suited for the push cart.

The ability to scan anywhere you can walk opens up more opportunities to utilize both NavVis systems, greatly increasing productivity and speed of completion for projects. This introduction of the VLX into our workflow will greatly increase the speed of the data collection process.

Additional Scanning System Benefits:

-Multi-layer LiDAR sensors

-360 Camera

-Built in interface

-Compact size

-Ground and wall control points


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