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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Recently, SurvTech Solutions added the NavVis M6 Indoor Mobile Mapping System (IMMS) to our toolbox, and this is great news for our clients. Having provided indoor and outdoor 3D laser scanning services for last few years, we are speeding things up with a new style of mobile scanning specifically designed for larger environments. In addition to collecting 360° immersive imagery, and sensor data at walking speed, the system also includes a new way to manage and share data with NavVis IndoorViewer.

NAvVis M6 Indoor Mobile Mapping System (IMMS)

Easy to use Digital Twin

Adding the NavVis system to our portfolio of 3D imaging technologies at SurvTech enables us to move beyond traditional laser scanning products to a true digital twin solution, which is distributed via the NavVis IndoorViewer. While most scanning service providers can offer point clouds, web viewers, and 3D models, the NavVis IndoorViewer extends these deliverables to a truly intelligent geospatial database that is linked to the client’s processes.

Digital Twin using NavVis IndoorViewer

Indoor Mobile Mapping Applications and Advantages

The applications are numerous; whether the NavVis instance is created for an architect or construction manager reviewing progress of a jobsite, or for a facility manager giving a virtual walkdown to a maintenance team on a web meeting. By capturing the site conditions in design-grade precision 3D LiDAR and 360° imagery up to 10x faster than terrestrial scanning methods, we’re in effect eliminating much of the communication and logistical costs embedded in the nature of our client’s business.

capture site conditions

Downstream applications of NavVis deliverables are new and exciting, such as pin-point custom indoor navigation technology based on user login credentials, so first responders get a more detailed map of a facility to render aid and visitors get the basic routing they need. Localization is also a snap using real-time imagery analysis and as technologies advance in this market, the NavVis API developer tool is ready for integration to a number of proven business use cases. SurvTech Solutions offers precision 3D data capture from Air, Land, Underground, and Sea and now includes the built environment with IMMS.

To get started with a survey involving our new NavVis system, contact Henry Simpkins at



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