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SurvTech Upgrades to Leica RTC360 Scanners

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Leica RTC360 Scanners
Leica RTC360 Scanners

With two new Leica RTC360 scanners, SurvTech will be able to scan 4-5 times faster than with our previous scanners. This means much higher efficiency in the field without compromising accuracy or point cloud density. With the RTC360s, we can scan everything quicker and save valuable time due to the on-board photogrammetry and IMU that allows the scans to be registered while you perform your field work. The Visual Inertial System (VIS Technology) automatically tracks the scanner movement from station to station while you are on-site, leading to an automatic pre-registration directly in the field and on a mobile device. This process extensively cuts the time from field to final registration.

Leica RTC360 Scanner in the field

Benefits of the Leica RTC360 Scanners include:

· Measurement speed of two million points per second

· 5 bracket HDR imagery

· Light and portable

· Colorized point cloud can be created in under two minutes

· World-class support from industry experts

· Leica’s support team consist of 3D laser scanning experts from industries such as:

Better Scanning for Better Results

Our goal is always a higher quality final product for our clients, with a reduced timeline. These scanners are a major upgrade for our scanning department, which allow us to provide increased efficiency and quality to our clients!

SurvTech Solutions is ready to scan your project. Contact us today to get started.



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