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SurvTech Upgrades to the Leica AT960

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Leica AT960 Tracker System

Our metrology department has recently attained a new tracker system: the Leica AT960. Known better as Industrial Surveying or "Metrology", this methodology creates new opportunities to solve complex problems for clients from rotating shaft alignment, to measuring complex shapes to dynamic real-time analysis of vibration or deflection.

The AT960 laser tracker will improve efficiency for our team because it can be transported easily, unpacked quickly and powered up in minutes to deliver high-performance measurement almost anywhere. The primary features and dynamic functionality give users extreme accuracy, portability and speed.

The Leica Absolute Interferometer (AIFM) enables accurate, high-speed measurement to moving targets while the Power-Lock function ensures an interrupted beam is instantly re-established without the user manually updating, reducing operator workload and training requirements. The touch-screen controls minimize the potential for user error, which saves time, effort and money. With a measurement volume of up to 160 meters in diameter, the AT960 is compatible with the Leica T-Probe

Additional Benefits:

  • All-in-one design

  • Power Lock

  • Battery power

  • Wi-Fi

  • IP54- A sealing unit to protect from contamination

  • MeteoStation- an environmental unit that monitors humidity and temperature levels

  • Overview camera

  • Orient-to-gravity

  • Absolute Interferometer

If your team has a project that needs metrology level 3D laser tracking services, contact us!



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