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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

No, SurvTech is not yet predicting the weather. Metrology, or more commonly Portable Metrology, is the field of measuring objects with precision on the order of 1/10,000 of an inch. Reaching this level of precision is possible with the use of powerful new technology in the form of advanced laser tracking. SurvTech has recently started working with these trackers to provide services that few geospatial mapping firms currently can.

Measuring objects with precision on the order of 1/10,000 of an inch using advanced laser tracking

Inspection, Engineering, Fabrication, and Monitoring

SurvTech is currently using this technology to assist industrial clients with applications such as:

  • Alignment

  • Inspection

  • Virtual fit up

  • Real time build and monitor

  • Machining

  • Machine tool calibration

  • Robotic calibration

  • Precision 3-D modeling

Recently, a client needed verification that some exposed bearing races were machined correctly. SurvTech was able to verify that they were made to spec, and the client was able to move forward with repairs. This type of inspection service can be performed as monitoring to ensure that instruments and equipment remains within spec.

Verify machine was built to spec

In today’s world of highly precise engineering applications, multiple industries are already benefiting from what has become an essential technology. Some examples of these types of industries are:

  • Aerospace (both Commercial and Defense)

  • Automotive

  • Energy

  • Shipbuilding/Repair (both Commercial and Defense)

  • Mills (Steel, Paper, etc.)

  • Medical Science

To learn more about metrology and how SurvTech is surveying with more precision than ever, contact Henry Simpkins at


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