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SurvTech Upgrades to Optech Galaxy T2000 LiDAR Sensor

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

SurvTech Solutions is pleased to announce the recent upgrade from an Optech Galaxy Prime LiDAR sensor to a Galaxy T2000. With this upgrade, SurvTech will increase efficiency of our airborne data collection for a variety of projects in different markets, including but not limited to, wide area capture, national elevation programs, and utility corridors. For the last 16 years, SurvTech Solutions has been supporting federal, local government and private industry with high-quality geospatial products.

Optech Galaxy T2000 LiDAR Sensor

The Galaxy T2000 essentially doubles the point density to provide a true 2 million points per second (2 MHz) directed fully to the ground by a new high frequency scanner for effective point distribution. This significantly increases data resolution for small targets and features. With a smaller laser footprint, the T2000 provides improved detection of wires and canopy penetration.

The Galaxy T2000 is also equipped with a PhaseOne RGB metric camera for concurrent collection of LiDAR and Image, suitable for photogrammetric feature extraction and ortho image production. Our experienced LiDAR processing team has been working with point clouds and imagery since the late 90’s when the first commercial LiDAR sensors were available.

SurvTech Solutions has been supporting federal, local government and private clients for the past 16 years and will continue to do so with the latest technology available! Contact SurvTech Solutions to see how we can help with your project.



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