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UAV LiDAR for Power Line Measurement

Updated: Apr 2

Our team is equipped with leading edge technology in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) arena that provides high-quality mapping solutions for utility corridors. Our UAVs (drones), are extremely cost effective and efficient. We use professional-grade UAV sensors to perform data acquisition, including the following:

· RGB (red, green, blue) imagery

· Multi spectral imagery

· Video


· FLIR (forward looking infrared)

UAVs offer an extremely efficient and non-intrusive way to measure and map powerlines and power facilities on transmission poles. SurvTech has performed hundreds of miles of UAV corridor mapping and has developed a reliable and repeatable method for mapping electrical power lines. Utilizing LiDAR technology, we can measure wire heights from the ground and locate power poles to an accuracy of 3cm RMSE or less. The SurvTech UAV crew will simultaneously establish an onsite weather station, allowing transmission line survey data to be corrected for weather conditions at the time of collection. Partnering with SurvTech Solutions makes transmission line inspection a breeze.

Power lines measured by drones safely

utility corridor survey with UAV

drone inspection of power corridor is safer than helicopters

Another major benefit of using UAVs is safety. UAVs are a much safer alternative for performing these inspections/surveys as opposed ground surveying or surveying with a helicopter. On one recent project, SurvTech was tasked with measuring the sag of a powerline spanned over a river. Without a UAV the data acquisition could involve a survey vessel, a rescue vessel, a water permit, and PPE (personal protective equipment). Additionally, the possibility of erroneous data could be much higher due to tougher site conditions and random errors for ground surveyors.

SurvTech is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate UAVs for aerial mapping and inspection services. SurvTech is one of the few geospatial firms in the southeast that is equipped with aerial LiDAR and imagery on both our fleet of UAVs and fixed wing airplanes. Our LiDAR group has been working with LiDAR datasets for over 15 years. This makes SurvTech unique because we have the resources (personnel, hardware, and software) and expertise with reviewing, processing, filtering, classifying, and performing quality control and quality assurance (QA/QC) on LiDAR datasets. Whether the LiDAR will be collected from a UAV, airplane, helicopter, boat, USV (unmanned survey vessel), ATV (all terrain vehicle), truck/car, or amphibious vehicle, SurvTech has the expertise and resources to make your project a success!

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