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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Multiple UAV LiDAR Teams to Meet your Needs

Our UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) department has the resources and expertise to provide services across the country and around the world. Over the past 6 months, we have performed UAV surveys across the country. The demand for UAV LiDAR has been high, so we are expanding and equipping our team to have multiple UAV LiDAR teams acquiring data simultaneously in different locations. We are currently adding additional pilots and expanding our UAV fleet throughout our office locations.

UAV LiDAR team

Case Study: Aerial Imagery and Flood Assessment

For one project, we were contracted by an existing client to collect LiDAR data for the purpose of creating a detailed surface model of the current terrain to assess the potential for flooding. The LiDAR data was acquired with our Harris H6 gas/electric hybrid drone, equipped with our LiDAR USA Snoopy System (Velodyne HDL 32 and Novatel GPS and IMU). For the same project, we also collected high definition RGB imagery of the project area utilizing a Sony Alpha a6000 camera for the image collection. SurvTech’s UAV personnel mobilized to the site that was over 20 hours from their office and collected both imagery and LiDAR. Imagery and LiDAR was acquired, processed, mapped and delivered in just a few weeks.

aerial data

One of our UAV department’s strengths is the support it receives from our aerial mapping department. The personnel in our aerial department have been working with aerial imagery and LiDAR for over two decades. With the UAV acquisition ability of our UAV department, and the back-office image and LiDAR processing ability of our aerial department, we offer an unparalleled final deliverable!

Contact SurvTech Solutions to have one of our UAV LiDAR teams come to your site.


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