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Utilizing Aerial LiDAR for Conservation

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

SurvTech Solutions recently had the privilege of joining a West Coast team for a shorebird nesting conservation project.

Aerial LiDAR for Shorebird nesting conservation project

Utilizing our aerial LiDAR expertise, SurvTech partnered with eTrack, Manson Construction, and the Shoalwater Bay Tribe in a project to help preserve a bird sanctuary in Tokeland, Washington.

Aerial LiDAR Scan for Shorebird nesting conservation project

SurvTech Solutions flew a DJI M-600 LiDAR UAV over the beach-nesting area a total of 8 times, covering 5 linear miles and about 600 acres in under 3 hours. We then field processed the data to ensure coverage and accuracy. Back at the office, post-processing was used to depict elevation differences in the shoreline.

Post Processed LiDAR data

The LiDAR data will be used to build up sand dunes, which help to protect the active nesting areas. SurvTech is proud to contribute to the protection of sensitive species.

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