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SurvTech Solutions Enhances Airborne Data Collection with SOMAG GSM4000 Stabilized Mount

Updated: Jul 1

The gyro-stabilized SOMAG GSM4000 mount
The gyro-stabilized SOMAG GSM4000 mount.

SurvTech Solutions is excited to announce the addition of the state-of-the-art SOMAG GSM4000 sensor mount to its cutting-edge airborne collection equipment. This advanced mount has been integrated with the Optech Galaxy T2000 LiDAR sensor and the Phase One RS1000, significantly enhancing the efficiency and precision of both airborne imagery and LiDAR data collection.

The gyro-stabilized SOMAG GSM4000 mount is engineered to automatically stabilize a variety of airborne cameras, LiDAR sensors, and other imaging devices. Its sophisticated hydraulic gimbal system is equipped with high-performance cylinders, and servo pumps that continuously adjust to compensate for roll, pitch, and yaw movements in real-time. This ensures the highest possible quality of airborne data acquisition by minimizing the impact of aircraft movements and vibrations.

One of the standout features of the GSM4000 is its remarkable stabilization accuracy. By significantly reducing unwanted movements and vibrations during flight operations, the mount ensures that the sensors can capture the clearest and most precise data. This high level of stabilization is critical for achieving the best results in airborne mapping, surveying, and remote sensing projects.

The integration of the GSM4000 mount with the T2000 LiDAR sensor and the Phase One RS1000 camera is seamless, incorporating tightly with the flight management system for reliable and automated control. This integration guarantees that the sensors operate at their optimal performance levels, ensuring maximum data quality, accuracy, and collection efficiency. As a result, SurvTech Solutions can provide its clients with superior geospatial data, supporting a wide range of applications from topographic mapping to infrastructure monitoring.

By adding the SOMAG GSM4000 to its suite of airborne collection tools, SurvTech Solutions continues to lead the way in innovation and excellence within the geospatial industry. This enhancement underscores the company's commitment to leveraging the latest technologies to deliver the highest quality data and services to its clients.

If you would like SurvTech Solutions to help you with your next Airborne Imagery and LiDAR Data Collection Project, Contact Carlos Prieto at or click the link below!

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