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Perfecting our Digital Twins

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Digital Twin Creation with 3D Scanner

Digital twins are exactly as the name implies, replica or "twin" of an object, but that can be viewed in a digital format online. When SurvTech goes to a new building or site to create a digital twin, there are essential steps for setting up the site to get the site's most accurate and appealing information to be viewed and used for years to come. The most important aspect to remember is that a digital twin is a snapshot of the site's appearance on the day(s) that scanning takes place. Therefore, house cleaning and information privacy are among the greatest concerns for site preparation before our arrival of SurvTech on site.

How to Prepare for a Digital Twin Site Scan

When it comes to house cleaning, it's always best to have everything in good shape and cleaned up so that the site can be viewed in the best condition whenever shared online. As mentioned earlier, digital twins are a snapshot of the site, so if it is dirty, it will be shown as such until rescans of the dirtier areas can take place. Then there is the concern of information privacy, in which there are multiple options for protecting sensitive information. The simplest is just to cover up anything of concern so that it can't be viewed in the imagery. Other more intensive options include post-capture blurring of images or removing images with sensitive information if only impacts a few image capture locations.

Expert Data Collection

Once SurvTech arrives on site, we will establish base control points to accurately measure the site with, which will we be based off-site control if any currently exists, or new control points that SurvTech can set. We will then select the indoor scanning control points using a total station to get highly accurate control to be used for current and all future scanning through either SLAM-based mobile mapping or terrestrial scanning. With these two main scanning methods, real-time information can be gathered about a site to depict and create the digital model accurately.

Get a Digital Twin of Your Space

Having a digital twin of your factory, building project, or other interior space can greatly improve predictive maintenance, communication, and operational flows. Give your team the tools to test what if scenarios and access critical building data with the click of a mouse. contact the team at SurvTech to get a digital twin created of your space.



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