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Our 2022 Rewind!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

SurvTech Truck in the sunset

2022 is now behind us. What an exciting year it was. From a small business owner’s perspective, revenue was up, but so were the costs of operating that business, such as labor, insurance, hotel, and gas expenses. A significant part of 2022 was all the great projects we worked on this past year and all the outstanding continuing services contracts we won. SurvTech began as a land surveying firm in 2004 and has grown into one of the most complete geospatial firms in the country. We have consistently added technology that has expanded our service offerings for our clients. Our land survey department is still our largest department. However, other departments are catching up, such as SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering), Hydrographic, Aerial, UAV, Terrestrial and SLAM LiDAR, Metrology, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and Geophysical mapping.

SurvTech has consistently pushed the limits of technology on the data acquisition side, whether on land, underwater, or underground. 2022 was a year where we didn’t see massive growth in our personnel, but it was a year where we instituted a business management software specifically for surveying and mapping. Instituting this software companywide was difficult because business management software integrates into every aspect of the company, including production and administration. The new software integrates into every phase of the project, from time and expenses to delivery and invoicing. In 2022 alone, we performed hundreds of projects involving multiple departments. The two departments that together the most are Survey and SUE. Engineers today need both above-ground and below-ground utilities to design a construction project successfully. However, there have been numerous projects where other departments have worked together, including aerial LiDAR, multi-beam sonar, side scan sonar, mobile LiDAR, and even mobile SLAM LiDAR for interior structure mapping. SurvTech has genuinely turned into a turnkey solution for the geospatial needs of our clientele.

2022 was a year where we saw SurvTech transition from a small business to a midsize business. This transition required massive growth from our entire staff. New software, policies, and procedures were instituted companywide. This transition was no small task, and it is a testament to the quality of our people in how they handled all the changes.

These changes and developments provide you, our client, a better end product. Call 813-621-4929 about starting your project.



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