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Reverse Engineering Enhancements with CATIA for Metrology

Updated: May 30

metrology analysis on laser scanned jet. Plane image with callouts
Metrology analysis on laser scanned jet.

Metrology uses scanning and advanced aerospace surfacing software to measure and model an object accurately. Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application (CATIA) is the process that we use to do this.

The RE model, an equivalent circuit that can be used to predict performance, can be used as a reference to analyze surface deviations or to drive other processes.

Surface deviation plot of automobile bodywork repair done with CATIA
Surface deviation plot of automobile bodywork repair.

Digital Manufacturing Improvements

As digital manufacturing continues to become commonplace within the manufacturing world, designs also become more sophisticated and sensitive to fabrication tolerances. Manufacturers can accurately produce parts using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, water jets, or additive processes.

When assembled, gravitational forces, temperature changes, and limits in manufacturing perfection stack lead to parts being unable to fit into the assembly.

Comparing Laser Scan, digital replica, metrology analysis, and cloud comparisson
Reverse Engineered steel frame model and analysis.

Reverse Engineering using Metrology and Scanning Data

Reverse engineering is the process of recreating a nominal model derived directly from metrology and scanning data. This process enables designers to use a model representing the true as-built condition of the product driving the digital fabrication process.

Once a product is reverse-engineered, it can be interrogated or reproduced to help further designers and engineers evaluate their designs, manufacturing process, or product durability modeling.

Metrology Services Available to You

Having professionals help you get the right data and models for all your reverse engineering needs is critical for reduced production times and improved performance. For more information on our laser scanning and metrology services contact Scott Maggart, Metrology Manager,!


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