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New Additions to the SurvTech Campus

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Tampa SurvTech Solutions Office Expansion

This month, we expanded our Tampa Office Campus with our new middle building! We originally owned two buildings and when the building in-between our original two went for sale we decided it would make sense to be ours! We have a lot of supplies and work spaces that we would like to set up in the new building, but we were not sure where to put everything. That's when we decided to map out our new space to figure out how to set up our new space.

2D As Built Survey of SurvTech Solutions Office

Using our scanning equipment, either the Leica RTC360 and our NavVis M6/VLX mobile scanners, we are able to create a 3-D point cloud. This point cloud is a highly accurate digital model of the real life space that can then be used for 3-D or 2-D modeling. The point cloud was used to create the 2-D map. Which was captured with the RTC360 by placing it at different spots in each room and letting it take a 360° view of measurements of the space. Next, the scans are connected by matching up the similar spaces between scans to achieve a cohesive building.

As shown in the above 2-D map, we can make floor plan map based off the scanned data. This map will help with future planning of this office's layout and any possible building renovations that may be needed to make an improved office space.

Do you have an office that you want to renovate or use the space more efficiently? A scan of your office can help you get started. Contact SurvTech Solutions to get started scanning your business space.



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