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  • Sarah Saucedo

Health and Safety at SurvTech

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

We work with clients who share our passion for safety, because our most valuable resources are our employees. We make every effort to comply with any client regulations pertaining to health and safety issues.

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All employees are trained in the following programs to promote the safety of their fellow employees and customers:



· MSHA New Miner

· Florida Phosphate Producers

· Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)

· First Aid and CPR

· Construction Safety (MICCS)

· Utility Safety (PowerSafe)

· Operator Qualification (OQ)

· Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

· Alliance Safety Council

· Compliance (ISNetworld)

· Compliance (Veriforce)

· Risk Management (Avetta)

· Florida Public Schools

We hold monthly personal protective equipment checks and safety meetings to ensure a two-way communication between management and employees that may have safety concerns. Feel free to contact us at 813-624-4929 to learn more about how we prioritize onsite health and safety.


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