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Safety Training

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Last month, SurvTech teamed up conducted a joint safety training session that included MSHA training, mine site safety, and First Aid/CPR training. As we have done in the past, all field crews descended on the Lithia Park recreational area. Having all the teams together for a day allows us to knock out several training courses at once and enables our instructors to focus on the matter of safety. At SurvTech, our mission statement revolves around the employee, because we recognize first and foremost that the employee is the center of the company. Part of caring for our employees includes ensuring that safety comes first. With that in mind, we pride ourselves on keeping our teams up to date with all safety certifications and qualifications. Some examples of the safety certifications that we maintain include:



· Phosphate mining

· First Aid/CPR

· Florida power and energy safety training

· Other client and site-specific training

· Drug testing

We hold monthly safety meetings where our Safety Manager addresses all safety-related concerns that crews have brought up over the month and helps our teams to strategically face daily safety items, such as sharp tool safety, road work safety, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use, and safely hydrating for the summer heat. Monthly meetings are a great opportunity to discuss project plans and encourage team cohesiveness. New ideas for safe work methods are evaluated and implemented in a group setting.

CPR training

Each member of our field crews is outfitted with a full complement of PPE, which is inspected regularly. Each of our crew has their PPE bag, which they take on every job, and it contains gear like hardhats, reflective safety vests, and work gloves. We regularly replace any piece of PPE that has a known duration of durability. Before our crews mobilize for each job, we conduct daily job safety assessments and daily vehicle inspections. These meetings are an opportunity for the crews to discuss any possible hazards they may encounter that day so they can be prepared with the right equipment and the right plan of action. All our equipment is inspected before use to ensure that any maintenance is done before the equipment gets used in an unsafe condition.


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