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Embracing the Future: Geospatial Technology Trends 2024

Updated: Jan 17

SurvTech Solutions Geospatial Technology Trends

Models Left to Right - Leica RTC-360 Terrestrial Scanner, Leica AT-403 Laser Tracker, Leica AT-960 Laser Tracker.
Models Left to Right - Leica RTC-360 Terrestrial Scanner, Leica AT-403 Laser Tracker, Leica AT-960 Laser Tracker.

SurvTech was founded with the fundamental principles of taking care of our personnel and equipping them with the latest advancements in geospatial technology. Almost twenty years later, those are still the principles that guide us daily.

I often tell those around me that when I entered the industry in 1993, I was a little disheartened that other professions had embraced more technology than mine. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) were advancing with static and kinematic methodology.

The Newest Geospatial Technology Trends 2024

However, I still felt left behind as the computer age blossomed and software and hardware creation grew exponentially. Here we are in 2024, and the geospatial profession is leading the way with reality capture and virtual reality creation. As a small business, we must be committed to expanding our knowledge and acquiring new technology.

SurvTech is in a constant state of adaptation to technology and creating the workflows that are associated with new and future technologies.

 Riegl VPX1 Sensor with a VUX-160 LiDAR
Riegl VPX1 Sensor with a VUX-160 LiDAR

In 2023, we saw advancements in every sector at SurvTech. This included everything from traditional land surveying to aerial LiDAR and imagery acquisition from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), airplanes, and helicopters.

We saw the creation of workflows to combine subaqueous (bathymetric) data with upland topographic data for seamless digital terrain models (DTMs). Additionally, SurvTech was awarded the 2023 “Outstanding Firm" by the SAME Mobile Alabama Post, a testament to our dedication and excellence in the industry. We plan to capitalize more on geospatial technology trends for 2024 to serve our customers even better.

We also proudly accepted a Sponsorship award from the Treasure Coast Chapter of the Florida Association of Environmental Professionals, and we accepted the MAPPS 2022 Excellence award in Puerto Rico!

Mapping award
2022 MAPPS Excellence Awards. Awarded at the 2023 Winter MAPPS Conference.

We finally found an office building in Decatur that fits our needs. This move allows us to grow our department and further establish our presence. We've also acquired a new Riegl VPX1 Sensor with a VUX-160 LiDAR and 3 Phase One 100mp Cameras, enhancing our capabilities to collect high-definition imagery and data at 700’ AGL with 2.3cm Resolution, a significant leap in our technological arsenal.

SurvTech Solutions new Decatur, AL Office
SurvTech Solutions new Decatur, AL Office

The staff had several milestones in their personal lives, from engagements to weddings and welcoming new members to the family. Ben Stinson, Bill Kapustiak, Chase Comeaux, and Tony Diaz had babies.

Dan Rau and Emily Falcone got engaged, while Dillan Rose and Henry Simpkins got married. These personal achievements reflect the vibrant and supportive community we've fostered at SurvTech, where personal growth is as essential as professional development.

Surveying a cow field.
PSM's surveying a cow field.

Looking ahead to 2024 in the Geospatial Marketplace

We foresee a continued surge in technological innovations within the geospatial market. SurvTech is poised to embrace these advancements, leveraging our expertise and technology to create seamless datasets and enhance efficiency for our clients.

Additionally, at least three individuals will be sitting for the professional surveyor and mapper exam this year, strengthening our pool of PSMs from 10 to 13 by year-end. Our commitment to nurturing and growing talent remains unwavering.

As we embark on this new year, partnerships and collaborations will play a crucial role in our growth strategy. Teaming with firms that align with our values and philosophy will be instrumental in securing larger contracts and exploring new opportunities in the geospatial marketplace.

Leica Absolute Scanner
"Gone Mappin'" Cruising through Down Town Tampa!

We recently added a new Metrology Manager, Scott Maggart. His vision for the Metrology department is to refresh the existing customer relationships while modernizing and expanding the technical capabilities to include high-precision scanning, inspection, and dynamic tracking. These capabilities will be marketed to aerospace, automotive, theme parks, marine, and robotics industries.

This expansion represents our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and catering to the diverse needs of various industries.

Throughout 2024, anticipate regular updates on our social media and newsletter, showcasing the implementation of our latest technology on projects and innovative techniques for working with geospatial data. We extend our wishes for a healthy, productive, and joyful year to our employees, clients, and partners.

Here's to another year of exponential technological growth and success in the geospatial industry! We're excited about the journey ahead and look forward to achieving remarkable milestones together.



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