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Updates on the Aerial Department

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

VPX-1 Riegl on our new Helicopter

Our Aerial Department has been busy since January of this year, which is excellent. We started working with a new client, and it has been fantastic. Not going to mention any names, but they have also been doing Aerial Mapping for decades!

Anyway, we started early in the year by doing a lot of LiDAR\Imagery collection in the state of Georgia. It was high-density LiDAR flown in different directions to ensure the features were collected. These areas were spread out all over the state.

Our crew was collecting for two months straight; during this time, our VPX-1 Riegl sensor setup was delivered, and we had our first project in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We worked closely with our client, and the areas were collected and QC'd before the crew left the Island.

This was done with a Helicopter\Riegl VPX1 setup with 3 Phase One Cameras (100mp) with different looks to ensure the Poles were collected. Let me tell you the image quality at 500' AGL is amazing. We also collected weather data on the Heli using the AIMMS30. This is an excellent sensor for collecting weather data during collection.

Here are some updates about what we have been doing with our airplane! We headed straight for Oregon to collect some wide-area LiDAR for the USGS 3DEP program. Another great client we work with, which we are a subcontractor on, but we do a fair amount of work for them.

The weather made it challenging to collect over the mountains, and the standing snow finally melted away to ensure good data. That collection went on for almost two months. Then during this time of collection, we agreed to fly to Puerto Rico to do some Power Line collection using our T2000\Phase One camera.

We used high-density LiDAR to achieve the feature collection needed for the client. As some of you know, the weather can be challenging in PR, which scares me every time it's mentioned. I have worked there enough to know that you can sit for days\weeks to be able to fly.

Fortunately, they had a couple of storms that came close enough to suck most of the clouds out and give us good windows to collect the data for our projects around the Island in the San Juan and Ponce areas. Our crew was determined to get these collected and was aggressive and ready in each window of opportunity the sunny weather gave us.

Once all the data was collected and QC'd by our Decatur office staff, the crew flew back to the States and captured a couple of areas on the way back to Huntsville, Alabama, where the Airplane and Sensor are based. Let us know what you want to capture, and we will be ready to collect good-quality data for any client. We have many different tools and sensors to fit your project best!


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