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SurvTech Expands into Southeastern U.S. - Geospatial Services Grow.

Updated: Jan 17

Putting Blocks together, symbolically representing geospatial services

SurvTech has been successful in our efforts to expand our footprint in the Southeastern United States to close out the final quarter of the 2023 year. In the last few months, SurvTech has won several pursuits with new agencies such as New Smyrna Beach, the City of Port St. Lucie, the City of Haines City, Southwest Florida Water Management District, The University of Alabama, and Seminole County Public Schools.

SurvTech is a complete geospatial firm, and our team is looking forward to providing the highest quality geospatial services to our new clients. Our most recent pursuit wins include the following:

City of Haines City – Surveying and Continuing Services Agreement

City of New Smyrna Beach – Professional Land Surveying and Mapping Services

Seminole County Public Schools – Land Surveying and Mapping Continuing Contract Services

Southwest Florida Water Management District – Engineering and Professional Services (Chapters F & G)

City of Port St. LucieContinuing Contracts for Survey & Mapping Services

University of Alabama – 2024 Imagery and GIS Services

Haines City Logo
Haines City Logo

I am incredibly proud of the relentless efforts and extended hours put into these pursuit opportunities by our Proposal and Pursuit staff. Ray, Preston, Carlos, and John have been instrumental in expanding our footprint in the Central and Southern geographical region of Florida this year.

My team has executed each pursuit opportunity with precision, passion, and a competitive spirit to ensure SurvTech is in the best position to achieve a successful outcome for our submittals. I’m thankful for having a wonderfully hardworking SOQ team and can’t wait to see what success they bring SurvTech in 2024!

Seminole County Public Schools
Seminole County Public Schools

SurvTech Solutions, with its dynamic and multidisciplinary team, is both primed and enthusiastic about forging new partnerships that will greatly benefit from our unparalleled geospatial services.

These new collaborations not only symbolize SurvTech's significant growth but also reflect our steadfast and unwavering dedication to delivering the highest quality solutions.

Our expertise spans across a myriad of landscapes and industries, ensuring that no matter the project's scope or complexity, our geospatial services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each sector. This commitment to excellence and adaptability in our services underlines SurvTech's position as a leader in providing cutting-edge, geospatial solutions.



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