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Take a Look Inside Our New Decatur Office

Survtech Solutions office building
The New SurvTech Solutions Decatur, Alabama Location

SurvTech purchased a new office in Decatur, AL, in September of 2023. We have been leasing an office in Decatur for almost seven years, and the owners of SurvTech have always wanted to buy an office. We have had our eyes open to new buildings that have become available, but we needed something to fit our needs and budget. With the rising price of rent, this was the perfect time to buy. By saving money on rent, we are able to keep our prices affordable for our customers!

Decatur is a great location, and we wanted to stay in the area. This new building became available in Decatur, about a mile from our old lease. It used to be a Dentist's office; however, we checked it out and thought it was the perfect fit for us. Our staff loves the feel of the building, being that it is officially SurvTech's, and we have room for growth. We are excited about the future of our new office and all of the potential that it has.

Our neighbor came by the day we were looking at the building. She told us some history on it, which was good news. She said back in 2017, they renovated the entire building with just the studs showing. I was thrilled to hear that everything is pretty new except the bricks on the outside. With that said, we have all up-to-date electrical, plumbing, AC, Hot Water heater, and Ethernet wiring (Cat6). The best part about buying new offices is that we can do our own surveys!

We are excited to host our clients in our shiny new office! See you soon!


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