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A Year In Review

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

SurvTech is licensed to conduct surveys in Florida, Maine, Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, AND tEXAS
SurvTech is licensed to conduct surveys in all the states indicated in blue!

2021 has been an exciting year with its ups and downs! As a company, we witnessed the busiest year in history, with SurvTech Solutions growing to over ninety (90) employees, all while navigating the challenges that COVID 19 still presents in our industry. Our 2021 achievements include the following.

We expanded our services to new states! We added Arkansas, Maine, and Colorado as states we are licensed to perform and offer surveying and mapping services.

SurvTech Solutions also added numerous continuing surveying and mapping contracts with local municipalities and agencies!

Wingtra Gen II

This year we were able to add a large amount of inventory to our toolbox! Some of our existing tools also received upgrades too. These tools and capabilities include the following:

  • Added robotic capability to our surveying equipment.

  • Upgraded our Teledyne/Optech Galaxy Prime LiDAR sensor to the T2000.

  • Added a PhaseOne medium format RGB mapping camera.

  • Bought a LiDAR USA Vux 1 UAV LiDAR mapping system.

  • Purchased a DJI 300 Matrix with RGB and an Infrared camera.

  • Added a Wingtra Gen II vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) UAS system with RGB, IR, and multi spectra sensors.

  • Acquired the QPS Qincy and Qimera hydrographic acquisition and processing software.

  • Purchased a NavVis VLX system to go with our M-6 system.

  • Added laser trackers AT 403 and AT 960 for performing metrology (precision measurements).

  • Obtained SonarWiz hydrographic acquisition and processing software.

  • Added NOAA CGSC4 capacity through subcontracting agreements.

  • Finally, we obtained the HiWay Mapper and V5 Lady Bug Camera.

SurvTech Office
The New Tampa Campus Building

Lastly, we made the exciting purchase of the one remaining building at our Tampa location to complete the SurvTech campus. (Now we need a coffee shop to move in.) We also bought a 6700-square foot warehouse in Mulberry, Florida, for equipment storage.

As 2021 ends, we look to what 2022 might bring. Currently, there are no signs of our workload slowing down, and there appear to be opportunities on the horizon. So, as we close 2021, we celebrate what we have accomplished this past year while we eagerly await the opportunities that will present themselves in the coming year.



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