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High Resolution Concrete Scanning with GPR

Look before you cut, drill or core a concrete slab.  Save time and money by avoiding rebar, electrical, communication conduits, and post tension cables.  SurvTech has the personnel, equipment and experience to avoid those costly mistakes that would cost you time, money and potentially harm your employees.


Concrete Scanning

SurvTech personnel use a combination of Ground Penetrating Radar, Electronic Pipe and Cable Locators, and Electromagnetics to image concrete.  


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the most accurate and cost effective method to image concrete.  SurvTech personnel utilize GPR to horizontally locate the item, then mark or even map the item.  GPR also allows for the estimated depth of the found item.  SurvTech utilizes GSSI GPR for concrete imaging, and GSSI software to produce 2D or 3D maps, depending on the the requirements of the project.


Another method is to utilize electronic pipe and cable locators.  Locators can be utilized in passive or non-passive mode.  Lines can have signals transmitted through them, and then the signal can be detected by the locator.  In passive mode an energized lines can be detected using eight different methods, fault find mode, SD (showing direction of current) mode, and six defined frequencies that are common to communications and electric conduits.


Other methods can also be utilized to scan concrete, including electromagnetics, ultrasonic tomography, radiography x-rays, and seismic tomography. 

We specialize in:


  • Measuring concrete slab thickness

  • Void detection

  • Rebar locating

  • Post tension cable locating

  • Utility and conduit locating

  • Depth of cover measurements

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