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Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

3D Laser Scanning for Engineering Projects

Using 3D laser scanning for mechanical and electrical engineering is one of the best and most efficient uses of 3D scanning.  Measuring and locating intricate piping for a surveyor or other professional is very detailed and time consuming work that is very prone to human error.  In the past, a surveyor could shoot a few locations with a “reflectorless” total station and then proceed to draw and hand measure with a cloth tape all the piping in a mechanical or electrical room. This is a very timely process, which involves two people for an extended period of time and because it’s all hand measured, the chance of human error is very high.  Additionally, all of the field notes have to be interpreted and drafted in CAD, which is also time intensive and prone to human error.  Laser scanning has drastically reduced field acquisition time and reduced office processing and drafting time.  The one drawback to laser scanning is the fact that it tells the “real story”.  In the real world, corners are not 90°, walls are not plumb, and pipes are not straight.  This can cause problems for some CAD programs or engineers, because both are used to working in more of “theoretical” world.

3-D Laser Scanning Benefits for Engineering Projects

  • Measure and Locate Intricate Piping

  • Reduced Acquisition Time

  • Reduced Human Error

  • Reduced Processing & Drafting Time

  • Real World Accurate Data


3D Laser Scanning and

Modeling Examples

3D Laser scan of Chiller room to measure intricate piping

Chiller Room 3D Model

Electrical Substation 3-D Laser Scan  ​

Electrical Substation 3D Laser Scan

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