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Technology Corner: Virtual Conferences

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

SurvTech Attends Virtual Conference

In the past year, the world has learned a lot about new technology, especially technology in communication. We have had to learn how to make connections without meeting new people face to face. As a result of this, SurvTech Solutions has participated in many virtual events! Since our headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida, we are still attending in-state conferences face to face when possible but virtual events have added a new level of convenience to our out-of-state networking. Virtual events have proven to be an effective way to communicate our capabilities in these challenging times.

SurvTech Solutions Virtual Booth

In May SurvTech Solutions attended SAME’s 2021 Virtual Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo. We were able to set up a virtual booth with videos and share links with information about company overview, capabilities, newest tools, and techniques with potential clients. These virtual conferences offer many benefits to traditional in-person conferences. We do not have to worry about travel arrangements, hotel stays, and shipping of all of our marketing materials. These events allow us and other attendees to click on any vendor and get their information without worrying about not having time to get to every booth before closing. These booths also make it super easy for clients to get our contact information without having to walk around with a ton of physical literature. Virtual Conferences also allow you to carve out time for specific meetings or presentations without being away from the office for several days, like you would with in-person attendance. While we are excited to see our clients face to face again, we are also leveraging technology in a way that can bring us closer to the clients we serve and work with!

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