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SurvTech at the MacDill STEM Camp

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

MacDill STEM Campers learning survey techniques

In June 2021 SurvTech Solutions participated in the MacDill STEM camp, something that we look forward to every year! The goal of this camp was to educate campers on how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is used in the everyday life of engineers, architects, scientists, and surveyors. To help the campers learn about what we do on a daily basis, SurvTech brought autonomous survey vessels (boats), ground-penetrating radar (GPR), and electromagnetic induction (EM). The autonomous vessel was equipped with GPS and single beam sonar to perform bathymetric surveys (mapping the seafloor). SurvTech set up 3 stations, including geophysics and geology, subsurface utility engineering (SUE), and bathymetric surveying with autonomous vessels. The campers were taught how to designate and locate subsurface utilities using GPR and EM, subsurface geology, including sinkholes and karst features, and mapping the seafloor with single-beam sonar on an autonomous vessel.

MacDill STEM Camp Survey Demonstration

The campers utilized our GPR and EM to locate and designate utilities, flag the utilizes, and prepare them for mapping. They even drew sketches of the utilities they found. The campers were able to watch a video feed from the USV (unmanned survey vessel), and the seafloor elevations as the boat ran autonomous grid lines in the bay. The campers were excited to see what advanced technology exists in the surveying and mapping world today. It gave them a hand on look at how technology is making the work of surveyors and mappers more efficient. We love having the opportunity to share our tools with kids all the unique opportunities that exist in the surveying and mapping world, and we hope to inspire a few to pursue careers in our profession that we love so much!

MacDill hands on STEM camp



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