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Revolutionizing 3D Project Deliverables

3D Architectural rendering in Revit of house
3D Architectural rendering in Revit

SurvTech Solutions have an array of services that can provide clients with added value to their projects; this is nothing new here. However, during the last couple of months, SurvTech has been hard at work making sure their new partners are extra happy with their 3D deliverables.

Power Plants, Mine Processing Plants, Chemical Plants, Oil and Gas industry are some clients we want to focus most of our time and energy on. However, we are all aware that we have a specific tool for each need, but we must also ensure all the tools are constantly being used. It’s about feeding the funnel and ensuring the workflows at a pace that makes everyone happy.

In the pursuit of a well-balanced proposition, SurvTech has partnered with many firms from across the state to provide reality capture services and digitalization of architectural buildings and features. Our newest architect partners are looking for a service that is not only precise but also delivers a product that can be used for their daily functions.

Roof Drawing using Revit
Reflected Ceiling Plan in Revit

Utilizing the right tool for the job, SurvTech can quickly capture the dataset in question and provide our clients with deliverables in many formats. Tailoring to every client is something we always excel at. Some of the extensions for the deliverables we have been tasked with are Revit, Navis, C3D, ArchiCad, and Vectorworks, amongst other formats.

If you do not see a format you work with or have questions about a specific need, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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