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NavVis vs. Laser Scanner

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

NavVis indoor mapping

SurvTech Solutions recently performed two indoor mapping projects using the NavVis VLX mobile SLAM-based scanner versus the Leica RTC 360 terrestrial scanner. Architects and engineers need the existing dimensions and conditions of indoor spaces they are redesigning. SurvTech scanned both projects with terrestrial and SLAM scanners, and the result was the SLAM (NavVis VLX) scanner acquired the LiDAR data in 10% of the time the terrestrial scanner (RTC) required. The data files of the NavVis were also much more manageable, with a size of approximately 10% of the terrestrial scan data. Both laser scanners are exceptional geospatial tools, but for acquiring 2D planimetric data to create 2D floorplans and the NavVis VLX meets the accuracy requirements, as well as offering increased speed and efficiency.

On floorplans, it’s essential to understand that you’re representing a 3D space on a 2D plan and that measurements at the top of a wall differ from measurements at the bottom of the wall, so the accuracy required for floorplans is less than performing scanning in industrial plants, where the design is taking place in a 3D workspace. We often say when we are scanning to BIM or 2D floorplans, we are creating a 3D model of the original design intent because we are moving real-world error out of the final product. Walls all become plumb, corners become 90°, floors become level, and windows and doors become square. The NavVis VLX SLAM scanner is perfect for these conditions. We would not use the NavVis VLX, where millimeter accuracy is required, but for floorplans and BIM models, the VLX presents a fast and efficient scan solution. For these projects, the NavVis VLX file sizes were 2% of the RTC 360 file sizes, which allows for much quicker manipulation of the datasets.

floor plan

Project 1: [points (in millions), file size/type/source/notes]

37.1mm 284mb laz NavVis, ~3min to conv las to laz

37.1mm 941mb las NavVis, ~30min to collect, 20min to download

39.7mm 1.2gb e57 NavVis, ~30min to download

42.4mm 3.4gb e57 Leica 'recap' processed

448.9mm 6.6gb e57 'unified and cleaned' (used to produce floorplan)***

1,692.0mm 38.9gb e57 Leica 45 individual setups ~2 hours to collect

Project 2: [points (in millions), file size/type/source/notes]

34.2mm 260mb laz NavVis, used to make a floorplan, ~20min to collect, 25min to download (OG las ~900mb) ~3min to conv las to laz***

1,715.0mm 39.5gb e57 Leica 42 individual setups ~2 hours to collect

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