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Our Newest Department: GIS/BIM!

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

SurvTech Solutions is proud to announce that we have officially formed a GIS (Geographic Information System) /BIM (Building Information Modeling) department! Jon Douglas will be heading this new department and is based in the Orlando office. By making this department, SurvTech will now be able to develop, host, and deliver GIS-ready topographic features, aerial imagery, contours, routes, and any other geospatial asset you could imagine. We’ve got the ability to run tremendous volumes of data through our GIS infrastructure, using both local and cloud datastores. GIS allows us to collect many localized surveys and put them together on a larger scale to show everywhere we have been, we are currently, and where we are going!

SurvTech Project Map
Some of Survtech’s projects over the past 18 years (most recent dark blue).

Vast Library of Survey Files

One of the first orders of business is converting our existing survey library of various google earth KMZ files, CAD file formats (Autocad, Microstation), and other various geospatial file formats, into a single GIS database. This is a large undertaking, but we are making headway. When complete, we’ll have our full survey library live and mobile of our projects current and past. This will be behind digital lock and key so that it's not open for public consumption; but, if you have data with us, we can provide that same access to you as a service.

One of the largest gains we will see internally, from doing this is, as surveyors, is having a proprietary dataset of horizontal and vertical survey control we’ve been to over the years and each mark’s corresponding quality level. In the future, we may even implement our own internal benchmark datasheets, as you might find in Florida LABINS’ corner records or NGS’ Data Explorer. Nonetheless, having this data for our field crews will help them recover monuments with greater efficiency than ever before.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

As for the Building Information Modeling side of things, SurvTech is knee-deep in some design work on natural gas facilities by combining existing 2d records into 3d space and dropping in proposed equipment. Where the old 2d records had glaring omissions, we were able to pinpoint where we needed photos and information from the field. If this situation were to happen on a larger scale (in this case the older records weren’t too bad), we’d deploy a laser scanner or drone to fill in the occlusions.

We are excited about what these new services at Survtech can mean for our own internal workflows, and also our clients.

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