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Online Meeting Platforms

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

This year, SurvTech Solutions has been hosting and attending many online virtual meetings. When selecting an online meeting platform, there are many popular options to choose from, including Zoom, Skype, and GotoMeeting. Large tech companies have added online meeting platforms to their other services, including Microsoft, Google, and even Facebook. Each of the options have their strengths and weaknesses, and for some folks, it is a matter of personal preference when choosing the right one.

The platform we have been using the most has been Teams by Microsoft. With a corporate Office365 account, we have had access to this service for the last couple of years and have found it to be essential in our biweekly interdepartmental meetings. Screensharing and video conferencing have allowed us to increase meeting productivity by keeping each attendee focused on the same document or technical demonstration. We can access our meetings from both the desktop and mobile, and there is an option to call into a meeting using a phone number. Clients and others can be invited to join as well, and this makes integration simple for us, as we bring other people into our workflow. These options do not differ greatly from other popular online meeting apps. The user experience that makes Teams our obvious solution is the integration with our other document sharing and email capabilities.

We are interested to find out what others are using and continually adapt our services for the convenience of our clients. Take the poll below and tell us what online meeting platform makes the most sense for you.


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