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New Additions to our UAV Department

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Our newest addition to the UAV drone fleet is a DJI M300 RTK and with it we purchased a Zenmuse H20T camera system. The H20T is a quad sensor, which offers the following:

· Wide angle lens

· Zoom lens capable of 23x optical and up to a 200x digital zoom

· Thermal camera

· Laser rangefinder

thermal image output from drone

The thermal capabilities of this camera are exciting and far more advanced than many other options available on the market today. One of the most valuable features with this setup is the ability for the drone pilot to receive real-time temperature readouts directly on the controller screen. This allows us to quickly determine if an object meets certain temperature limitations that are set by the client (commonly an indicator of faulty equipment).

solar panel field inspections

Our plan is to integrate solar panel field inspections into Survtech’s UAV offerings. Studies have shown that aerial inspections utilizing drones are nearly 10x faster than using traditional methods, and much more cost effective. By introducing regular, efficient aerial inspections, solar operators can save over $1,500 per MW per inspection (a MW of solar panels is roughly 4-5 acres worth of panels). For instance, it takes an estimated 25 hours for a technician to manually inspect 1 MW (approximately 3 weeks to conduct a 25 acre field site). Alternatively, our drone can inspect the same 25 acre site in under two hours. If the processing time of a 2D orthomosaic map is included, the deliverable product for the entire area will be around 2-3 days.

Please contact Mark Bickel at mbickel@survtechsolutions to see how our UAV department can assist you on your next job site!



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